Latest Installment Loan Payments Without Increase: This is Update

Do you want to “play” every year with the most modern phone, tablet or laptop? You no longer have to pay exorbitant sums for technology news as the new Update service comes to the Czech market. With it, you can replace your tablet or mobile phone with a newer version every 12 or 18 months. How does the whole service work and how much does it cost?

Few can imagine their lives without a mobile or computer today. Some people have even managed to develop a mild to strong dependence on modern communication technologies. Psychologists have recently come up with a new disease; nomophobia. This is so that the user feels nervous whenever he does not have a smart phone with him. Not only the group of such dependent people is targeted by the new Update service, which has just reached our market right now.

Revolutionary service is offered by Home Credit in collaboration with Mobil Pohotovost or MyerStyle. For mobile phones, you could first get the latest Apple iPhone models via Update.

How does Update work?

How does Update work?

The service offers installment hardware, with no increase, with insurance and the possibility of replacement after a year or eighteen months. In practice, this is a form of classic consumer credit. For example, a new phone is selected by the customer at Mobilo Kicks or MyerStyle. He will not pay the crown in cash.

He chooses whether he wants a new phone every 12 or 18 months. If it is 12 months old, the price will be divided into 20 monthly installments and the UpDate service will be included. In the case of 18 months, the price of the device will be divided into 24 installments and the UpDate service will be added to it again. This service guarantees the customer that when he returns his phone after 12/18 months, the service provider will pay for the remaining installments and he may choose a new phone under the new contract.

How much does the constant collection of technology “toys” cost?

How much does the constant collection of technology "toys" cost?

Who can’t stand without technological news will pay CZK 199 per month for Update. This price consists of two items, CZK 49 for service and CZK 150 for compulsory insurance, covering theft, damage and destruction of equipment.

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